Trails Around Aurora

The Greek island of Corfu is a walker’s paradise. From endless rolling hills cloaked with olive trees to sand dunes studded with junipers and valleys choked with oak and chestnut trees, its offers a myriad of diverse landscapes, so that around every corner another scene stuns the eye. Except around Corfu Town and in certain tourist resorts, vast tracts of the island remain hardly touched, and sleepy villages seem to belong to an older era.

THE CORFU TRAIL: The Corfu Trail is a trail route established in 2001 which takes walkers from the South to the North of the island of CORFU on total journey of 220 km. The STAVROS mount is part of the Corfu Trail which passes through the villages of Strongili, Komianata, Ano Garouna and Agioi Deka. More information for the Corfu Trail at From Aurora Beach Hotel you can navigate to the Corfu Trail either towards North or South of the island.

CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL: The area to the North is the stage of a trail race which takes place in Corfu since 2012 usually during May. The organizing party offers the choice of four race courses with total distances of 10km, 20km, 40km or 110km. The race starts at the village of Moraitika. More information about the race at

Around Aurora Hotel you can discover several trails in order to explore the natural beauty of Corfu! Enjoy!