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A multitude of experiences to fully enjoy your holiday in Corfu

When visiting Corfu, options are countless! Having that in mind, we have designed an array of experiences to ensure that you will fully live the Corfu experience. You may find below a must-do list during your holiday in Corfu, and do not hesitate to discuss any additional preferences with our team.

Paxos private boat trips


Perfect beaches, crystal clear waters and glorious sunshine are the stuff of dreams, and our boat trips is an invitation to dream away and immerse yourself in the mythical beauty of the Ionian Sea. 

From charming villages to gorgeous secluded coves that are entirely inaccessible by land, you decide what you prefer and we make all the arrangements. Either it is a boat trip to Paxos and Antipaxos or to the Blue Lagoon and Mainland or to Albania ad Butrint, we can make all the arrangements so you can have a great trip! Just ask us about schedules and rates and don’t worry about transfers, a pick-up service is included.


The Greek island of Corfu is a walker’s paradise. From endless rolling hills cloaked with olive trees to sand dunes studded with junipers and valleys choked with oak and chestnut trees, its offers a myriad of diverse landscapes, so that around every corner another scene stuns the eye. 

Except around Corfu Town and in certain tourist resorts, vast tracts of the island remain hardly touched, and sleepy villages seem to belong to an older era. Around Aurora Beach Hotel you can discover several trails in order to explore the natural beauty of Corfu! Enjoy!

Grnad Island Tours Corfu


Explore the many faces of Corfu, on a guided tour through the rich history together with the Greeks, the Venetians, the British, the Jews, and the French as you explore their traces in the historical palimpsest that is Corfu.

This tour offer extensive storytelling and pose a unique opportunity for visitors to get familiar with Corfu’s complex identity, come face to face with its people, their stories and customs, the tastes and aromas of the markets, the history, art, architecture and landscapes.

Just ask us about schedules and rates and don’t worry about transfers, a pick-up service is included.


Treat yourself to a selection of oil tasting experiences and enjoy the opportunity to sample some of the best olives oils from the island’s renowned ancient olive groves. 

Learn about Corfu’s liquid gold, and savor the wonderful time-honored flavors of the Corfu.

Olive Oil tasting in Corfu
Jeep Safari in Corfu


Explore the hidden beauty of Corfu island with a jeep safari tour which is far from the ordinary, traditional excursion. Focusing on the need of the preservation of natural landscapes and the designation of the cultural inheritance.


The best way to experience the island and the Ionian waters is by boat! You will enjoy the breathtaking view of the coastline and crystal clear waters. You may choose to rent a self-driving boat or go on a professional private tour.

Corfu boat trips
Excursions to Meteora Greece


Take part in an organized tour to the mainland and visit the unique Meteora Monasteries. From the early Christian times, the Meteora vertical cliffs were regarded as the perfect place to achieve absolute isolation, to discover peace and harmony and, thus, to support man’s eternal struggle for spiritual elevation. 

Meteora is a truly inspiring and sensational setting of overwhelming rock formations, but one must also be prepared to expect that this trip is much more than merely visiting an exquisite landscape. It is a pilgrimage to a holy place for all Christians around the world.

Meteora has become a preservation ark for the 2000-year-old Christian Orthodox creed.


For many people Corfu is just another Greek island. For those in the know, it is a ginger beer at Chlomos, a swim at Halikounas Beach, or the Porto Timoni, a paradise you can reach in the west. Explore Corfu’s hidden gems with a rental car or a bike or a boat and make memories that won’t fade away.

Porto Timoni - Corfu Rent a boat